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Welcome to
Lifescript Training

Who is number one? You are!

Quality First

Finding good educators can be difficult but you'll find at Lifescript this is not the case, You'll be meeting educators that have been immersed in many different learning environments and cultures. Studying with us will be a knowledgeable and refreshing experience.

Socially Minded

At Lifescript we understand that

we all need and depend on each other and how each of us
must nurture and support the other. We live in a world of interdependency. Each of us is a unique and indispensable part of this world.

Creatively Crafted

At Lifescript take great care in placing students in environments where they learn well. They can find excitement in the learning process. We believe that the process of learning can create people with a passion for knowledge.

To create award-winning students takes award-winning effort and that's what you'll find here.

Our Passion
Is Your Learning

Many people feel that education amounts to grades on a report card or scores on a score sheet.

Not true!

Education is a wonderful and never-ending story of great effort and adventure.

Finding and embracing true knowledge in English leads to the well the written story of our life, which we can share with the world. Our own Lifescript.

Our Services


Group Learning

Many foreign language learners call their second language, "the silent language". this is because it's rarely spoken,

Learning in a group offers an opportunity to interact and converse with not only the teacher but also with other students.

We create groups to suit every learner and encourage and facilitate interaction among all the members of the team.

Express yourself to your teacher and your peers using oral English because your thoughts matter.


Learning Assessments

Our Lifescript educator needs to understand possible abilities and weaknesses in every student they teach.

Many times in the first assessment the educator may discover hidden gems in the student that others had overlooked.

Ongoing student assessments throughout a period of education are necessary and should be focused on how well the student is using the knowledge they have been taught/given/learned/mastered.


Private Tutoring

There are times on our educational journey when the
path we've chosen to follow seems too hard. Often all we need is to take time, and focus so we can see things more clearly. This may be the time for one on one tutoring so don't be afraid to ask about it.


Course Scheduling

Finding time to learn can sometimes be difficult because life seems so busy. We'll work with you to find a time that works for all of us because we are a team.



Coaching doesn't always require
learning a lot of new knowledge but it's more about learning ways, to use what they already know. They need to learn strategies to communicate their thoughts using English that is suitable for a certain setting/situation/environment or position.


Custom Lessons 105

Too Busy for a two-hour lesson then try this lesson of 1.5 hours.


Be Bold

Fear comes from a lack of knowledge and ability. Embrace your life and write your own story with the strong arms of knowledge and ability.

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