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Lifescript Training is about learning English and perfecting your Oral English. It's about how to express your story and about continually educating yourself. We are much more than just the face we wear so share yourself fluently.


Our Philosophy

People have within themselves the nature for greatness and we only need
to surround ourselves and work with those people who have that desire too.

No man is an island unto himself. Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.

Quote: John Dunn

Advance Yourself

1 on 1 Tutoring

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Quality First

Finding good educators can be difficult but you'll find at Lifescript this is not the case, You'll be meeting educators that have been immersed in many different learning environments and cultures. Studying with us will be a knowledgeable and refreshing experience.

Socially Minded

At Lifescript we understand that

we all need and depend on each other and how each of us
must nurture and support the other. We live in a world of interdependency. Each of us is a unique and indispensable part of this world.

Creatively Crafted

At Lifescript take great care in placing students in environments where they learn well. They can find excitement in the learning process. We believe that the process of learning can create people with a passion for knowledge.

To create award-winning students takes award-winning effort and that's what you'll find here.

Our Passion
Is Your Learning

Many people feel that education amounts to grades on a report card or scores on a score sheet.

Not true!

Education is a wonderful and never-ending story of great effort and adventure.

Finding and embracing true knowledge in English leads to the well the written story of our life, which we can share with the world. Our own Lifescript.

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