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I'm all alone in my online studies.

It can feel that way when we learn online but trust me, you don't need to feel that way. Improve your learning tools if possible. Refrain from using your mobile phone for learning. Use an I-pad, or computer with a larger picture, and connect it to your television if you can. Insist on learning in groups and don't just look at the teacher but enjoy your classmates in the video link as well. Make friends in your online classroom in the chat area and share ideas and ask questions about homework assignments.

No man is an island unto himself.

My Major is science but I hate it.

Which type of science are you presently focusing on? You must know by now that there are many science fields in which to study. Endeavour to complete what you have started and after you meet at least the minimum requirements in that particular field of study you can then follow in a related field of study that is more interesting or challenging for you. A complete change of your direction of study is far more difficult.

Teacher, I'm finished school and I'm now working but I can't imagine following this career path forever.

This problem happens to many people and that's why having a diverse education is so helpful because making changes in life is far easier. Studying at night and on the weekend helped me a lot when I found myself in that position as well as looking for employment in other fields related to your education. For example; my friend studied and worked as a police officer but now runs a Human Resources department for the INTEL corporation in Dalian.

Bored with school and life.

No adventure is exhilarating all the time.

Don't lose your desire for adventure. Life is not like the movies which jump through all the mundane moments. Persevere and let life unfold its self to you.

You might be able to give life a gentle kick in the derriere sometimes to create a little activity. :)

My parents expect too much from me.

Really? I often felt that way when I was younger, too. It's interesting how my mind set has changed over the years. It is true however that parents push their children too much sometimes. This (usually) happens for two main reasons: Love and care which is wonderful and the problem can be discussed with them, secondly; they are living vicariously through their children. This problem may require a profesional family counselor. I'm sorry I can't help more.

When are you coming back to China

That is a difficult question. The world has changed buddy.

According to what I read a couple of days ago in the China Daily, Mr. Xi is encouraging investment by foreigners in China, especially in technology and online education. I think he's wise enough to see that our new little problem, (Covid 19) is not going to go away and it has changed our little planet and society as a whole. I will return for business I hope but I can't say when for certain.

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